Cariad Heather Keigher

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Often I am pretty scattered about my projects. Here, you'll find what I've worked on plus maybe details on other projects I have since retired. This page won't be updated too often.

Converting a third-party NES controller to work on a SNES

June 2021

A friend was looking for cursed controller to play Super Mario World on her Super Nintendo. I had a third-party NES clone gifted to me with two awful controllers, so I decided to repurpose one for her SNES. It was expected that this controller would be complete garbage to play with, but apparently you can complete the game even with missing a critical function in the game.

Mario is Missing Speedrun Routing

August 2020

This is an export from which shows the most efficient route to take when speedrunning Mario is Missing, a weird edutainment game released for the Super Nintendo.