Cariad Heather Keigher

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Please ensure you read the following before you contact me!

E-mail is not a secure medium so if you want to use a different means to communicate with me, let me know via e-mail first with whatever context you are able to provide in advance.

Consulting requests

I do from time to time take on information security consulting requests but only sparingly.

If you're indigenous, Black, or a person of colour, and you are also a woman or non-binary, I allocate a few hours each month depending on my availability for free consultation services. This time is made available to only if you yourself fall under this category or you fall under this category and you also represent an organization that meets this criteria.

All other organizations and persons are subject to a reasonable fee at a sliding scale depending on the request. I am fairly negotiable on this part and have my own personal guidelines on how I wish to proceed on this matter.

I reserve the right to refuse services for any reason. I also need to make it aware that I do not offer these services during typical business hours and I prefer that the client is in Canada. I do not take emergency requests and I will set priority based on what works for me.

I'm ready to chat!

Happy to chat with you!